Ordenes de arresto

The Law Offices of Gary D. Labin Can Have Your Bench Warrant Recalled

Debe actuar con rapidez si descubre que un juez ha emitido una orden de arresto en su nombre. Es vital que seas proactivo cuando tengas una orden de arresto en tu nombre. La buena noticia es que podemos retirar las órdenes de arresto. El bufete de Gary D. Labin retira las órdenes de arresto de los clientes de Los Ángeles.

Bench warrants are often issued by a judge when an individual hasn’t reported to court on a scheduled date. They’re considered serious matters because they constitute an arrest warrant. Police officers can arrest you anywhere. You could be led away from work in handcuffs or arrested in front of your children. Don’t allow a misunderstanding or a missed court appearance result in loss of employment or a day, week, or month in jail.

Why Do I Have a Bench Warrant in My Name?

In other cases, bench warrants can be issued for more serious crimes. As a former prosecutor, Gary D. Labin has worked on the other side of the aisle. He understands how the legal process and knows how to counteract the prosecutor’s legal strategy. In more serious cases, your bench warrant may not be able to be recalled. Recalls are generally possible in cases like:

  • Failing to show up for jury duty
  • Failing to show up in court for a traffic violation
  • Repeatedly avoiding court appearances in any legal proceeding, such as a child support case If the court feels you are deliberately avoiding your court appearance, they may hold you in jail until your next appearance. It is vital that you contact the Law Offices of Gary D. Labin in these cases to ensure you are released until your court appearance.

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The Law Offices of Gary D. Labin can ensure that your bench warrant is recalled. In many cases, our clients have simply forgotten about their court appearance or believed they had an exemption relieving them of jury duty. In these cases, Gary D. Labin can successfully clear the matter with the judge. Contact us today for bench warrant recalls in Los Angeles.

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