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Gary D. Labin is a Former Prosecutor

The Law Offices of Gary D. Law is a criminal defense firm practicing hit and run law in Los Angeles. Contrary to popular belief, hit and run charges are not always felonies. Instead, prosecutors are free to charge you with a felony or a misdemeanor. While the factors determining the severity of your charge vary, it is essential that you immediately contact a lawyer if police officers attempt to question you because you can severely limit your defense by speaking with them without a lawyer present. As a former prosecutor, Gary D. Labin understands how these cases are prosecuted.

Defending your case will require an understanding of the law and an ability to present a comprehensive defense. During the course of your case, The Law Offices of Gary D. Labin can defend you in any number of ways. He can prove your arrest was the case of mistaken identity or that you did provide assistance at the scene of the accident. He can demonstrate that fleeing the scene was not intentional or that you felt threatened or were harmed. He can prove that you had no reason to believe you harmed anyone or that the other party is fabricating their version of events. While not all of these may apply to you, The Law Offices of Gary D. Labin will make sure none apply to your case.

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You are innocent until proven guilty. As such, the government is required to prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt. In hit and run cases, the prosecutor must prove the following:

  • That you were involved in the accident while driving
  • That the accident in question was the direct cause of death or injury
  • That you were fully aware of the accident and that it resulted in injuries
  • That you failed to stop at the scene of the accident or show identifying information to another person or police officer
  • That you neglected to provide reasonable assistance to the other party

When a prosecutor brings charges against you, the most likely question you’ll ask yourself is what the punishment for this crime is. If convicted of a felony in a case involving a death, you can serve as many as four years. However, misdemeanor charges only result in up to one year in county jail. You may also be required to provide financial restitution to the victim.

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