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I am a Former Juvenile Prosecutor, Let me Put my Experience to Work for Your Son or Daughter

As a parent myself, I know that you only want what is best for your son or daugther, and as best as we try to guide them in life, sometimes our children don’t make the best decisions, get caught up with other kids who are a bad influence, or in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. I am a former juvenile prosecutor who knows how to defend your teenager in the juvenile justice system.

In many cases, especially for a kid from a supportive home with no record, I can work out a deal where the judge will dismiss the case as long as your teenager completes certain requirements such as community service, staying out of trouble, and drug testing, as required by the court. My job as your son or daughter’s defense lawyer will be to do everything possible to show the judge, the prosecutor, and the probation department that your son or daughter deserves a second chance and that he or she has a supportive family behind them to make sure they succeed. I know that you would never give up on your child, and I won’t either! I’ll do everything possible to try to make this situation a “bump on the road” rather than something that derails your child’s life and jeopardizes their future. Call me today for a free consultation.

I Know How to Get Your Teenager’s Charges Dismissed

I handle a wide variety of of common juvenile offenses. I understand that this is a stressful time for you and your family, and I will be with you and your child every step of the way fighting for his/her rights and interest. I can defend your child in matters including:

  • School fights: If your teenager was in a fight at school, the police were called, and he or she was arrested, give us a call.
  • Theft:Shoplifting or stealing from an employer. I have handled numerous theft cases in juvenile court, and it is often possible to have the case eventually dismissed, pending your son or daughter’s completion of certain court requirements.
  • DUI and Drug Offenses:Any DUI or drug offense is a serious charge. I’m here to make sure that your son or daughter is legally protected to the maximum extent possible. I will work tirelessly to ensure your child has the best defense against these charges.
  • Vandalism, Tagging and Graffiti: These types of cases can often be negotiated to a resolution that result in an eventual dismissal with community service and probation. If vandalism charges go onto your child’s record, their driver’s license can be suspended–something that I do everything possible to avoid.
  • Sex Offenses: These types of cases require an experienced attorney with knowledge of how to navigate these charges and to do everything possible to avoid the possibility that your son or daughter will have to go into a residential facility and/or register as a sex offender.

As a former prosecutor, I understand how juvenile criminal proceedings work, and more importantly, how prosecutors handle cases and what they’re looking for. I knows ho to get the best result for you and your family in any legal situation your child finds themselves in.

I am always available to take your call personally to discuss how can I can help your family in this time of great stress

If your son or daughter is in trouble, I hope that you will trust me to handle their case competently, and I promise to work tirelessly to seek the best possible outcome for them and your family. Call me today at: 213 359 7720.

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